Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute Little Camera Bag

 I've been looking around lately for a pretty camera bag that was cute and functional.  Unfortunately, "cute and functional" on a camera bag also means expensiveHere's a bag that I loved.  I wasn't, however, loving that price.  I've seen other bags for that much and even going up into the hundreds of dollars.  No thanks.  I don't want "cute and functional" that bad.

So, like I do with many problems like these, I made my own. :o)  Now, I only made the insert on this bag.  The bag itself is just a standard purse that I bought at Ross.  Nothing fancy.  But I love it!  It's the perfect size and will hold my camera and all its accessories.  And I definitely think it's cute and functional. 

(And I do apologize for the icky quality of the photos.  I had to use my old point and shoot.  Am I glad I have my DSLR now!)

I lucked out since foam was on sale at JoAnn at 50% off when I went.  So I paid about $5 for 1 yard of 1/2 inch foam.  The fabric I bought was 30% off and cost me about $5 for one yard (and I even have a little left over for another project!).  Add in $1 more for velcro and my supplies came to $11!  Love that price!
(I also love all the scribble marks on my cutting mat.  We have a budding artist in our family.)

Sewing this bag together was very similar to sewing bumper pads for a crib, just with smaller dimensions (and no crib ties, obviously!) The insert is completely removable.  It just drops right into my bag.  I can take it out and could even put it in a different bag if I wanted to (provided it fit).  The sides are all 1/2 foam.  I doubled up on the foam at the bottom of the insert so it would be extra padded.

I have five padded dividers, two small and three large.  Each have velcro in strategic places so I can move them wherever I need them to be in my bag.

You can see that the extra lens I have fits perfectly in my little sectioned spot.  And see that little section below it?  Hopefully I will be putting a (new to me) lens there soon.  I'm in the market for a 50mm f/1.7 lens.  (Wish me luck on ebay today!)
So the next thing I will be working on for it is some kind of shoulder strap that I can attach onto it.  That way I can easily carry it around while outdoors and I don't have to worry about someone trying to take it.  And I love that this bag is a regular purse that comes with other extra pockets inside.  I can just throw my keys, wallet, phone, gum, chapstick...whatever in there with my camera stuff and go!  Simplifying is always a good thing.

Happy crafting!


Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

Awesome! I love the fabric and you did a great job! I'd do the same thing, but I don't think I could get Dad to carry around a cute, yet functional, purse!

Stephanie said...

love it Kim! I saw the foam sale and have been meaning to get over there myself!

Elle and Lou said...

I just have been given a new camera but am still lugging the frayed 1990's camera case around- this is very timely

AtypicalPW said...

What a great idea! I was just thinking today about wanting a more functional camera bag!