Thursday, April 12, 2012

Matching Tile Game

A while back I was looking though my email and found one from Martha Stewart. Oh Martha, how I love your ideas. It was a very adorable matching tile game for kids using wooden tiles.

Image via Martha Stewart

I love to decoupage anything I can get my hands on and I adore cuteness. So this was right up my alley.

I bought wooden tiles at Michael's for about $0.30 each. I used a coupon for the cupcake punch and paper from my paper stash. The bag was made from leftover fabric from the play kitchen curtain. Now normally I would have just used my Cricut to cut something out instead of spending money on a punch, but our family was cooped up in a hotel for a week while we had plumbing repairs done so I didn't have access to my Cricut. (Oh, and I'm sure the housekeeping lady that cleaned our room everyday hated my little craft messes--I brought my sewing machine along, too!)

Inexpensive. Adorable. Fun. My daughter loves them. She's always asking to "Play cupcakes!" (Sometimes she forgets and calls it "pancakes", ha ha!)

Happy crafting!


Katalina Jewelry said...

Cute game, Kim! I love that you took your sewing machine to the hotel!

mickeyarthur said...

Woah, this seems to look like a nice game. I will surely buy this game and see how it goes. I have 4 sisters and I’ll see if they love it too. Though, I have to first buy coursework online UK based for myself. I will check on this game later as my studies are more important.

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