Thursday, April 12, 2012

Matching Tile Game

A while back I was looking though my email and found one from Martha Stewart. Oh Martha, how I love your ideas. It was a very adorable matching tile game for kids using wooden tiles.

Image via Martha Stewart

I love to decoupage anything I can get my hands on and I adore cuteness. So this was right up my alley.

I bought wooden tiles at Michael's for about $0.30 each. I used a coupon for the cupcake punch and paper from my paper stash. The bag was made from leftover fabric from the play kitchen curtain. Now normally I would have just used my Cricut to cut something out instead of spending money on a punch, but our family was cooped up in a hotel for a week while we had plumbing repairs done so I didn't have access to my Cricut. (Oh, and I'm sure the housekeeping lady that cleaned our room everyday hated my little craft messes--I brought my sewing machine along, too!)

Inexpensive. Adorable. Fun. My daughter loves them. She's always asking to "Play cupcakes!" (Sometimes she forgets and calls it "pancakes", ha ha!)

Happy crafting!

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Katalina Jewelry said...

Cute game, Kim! I love that you took your sewing machine to the hotel!