Thursday, February 24, 2011


Shailey had to make a clothespin doll representing a country from her family history. We chose France! I used the tutorial I found at Going Sew Crazy to use as a general guide, and we came up with this darling little doll.


We had to make a few modifications since I couldn't find any doll heads or dowel caps at the craft store.  But we're happy with the way she turned out!
Happy crafting!


Susan said...

How cute! Nana Boman would be so proud!

Decorating the Ville said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorial! How did you do the arms? I love the wrapped look over the pipe cleaner look, but how do you do it? Thank you!!

Ann said...

What a sweetie! I haven't been able to find any doll heads or substitute either but I did find the stands at Crafty Capers dot co dot uk if you are in GB.