Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two-tiered Yellow Skirt

I found a top at Goodwill that was made from a fun yellow floral.  I didn't like it as a top (not to mention it was an extra large) so I turned it into a skirt.
See all this yummy yellow goodness?

I took it apart and put it back together by adding another layer of white fabric underneath.  It needed to be lined anyway plus I wanted it longer. The felt flower is one I made awhile back and is just pinned onto the sash part of the skirt.  I can easily remove it if my mood calls for more simplicity. (I happen to really like adding a flower to my outfits though!)

 I also added a little bit of elastic in the back to make it easier to put on.  I love it!

I know summer's almost over, but yellow makes me happy.  So I will definitely be sporting my sunny yellow two-tiered skirt well into the cold season. :o)

By the way, my eight-year-old daughter took all the pics of me.  A photographer in the making perhaps?

Happy sewing!


Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

This is AWESOME, Kim! I love it! And, kudos to Shailey...maybe she can come and be my photographer!

Emily said...

Ohhh! You did it! It looks great!

Stephanie said...

what a brilliant idea with the elastic! That's my hardest thing with skirts - the waist. Adorable!