Friday, September 23, 2011

Yellow and Grey Maxi Dress

I made possibly the most comfortable dress last week--a jersey knit maxi dress.  Seriously.  I want to live in this dress. For the rest of my life.

I started with an XXL long sleeved striped grey t-shirt from Target on clearance for a few bucks.  I considered using it to make a dress for Olivia but decided to be selfish and use it all for me!
ME! ME! ME! ...Ahem. 

First I removed the sleeves (sorry I don't have any pictures of the process. I always forget that part).  Then using an exisiting t-shirt as a guide, I folded the striped shirt in half and cut and sewed the sides to make it fit.  Using another old t-shirt, I removed a cap sleeve and used that as a guide to make new sleeves.  Oh, and I cut the sleeves from the bottom of the shirt since it was already hemmed.  I'm all for making my life easier.

The yellow jersey was purchased for a few bucks (wish I could remember how much) at a local fabric store that was closing.  I basically measured my waist and mutiplied that number by 1.5 and cut my jersey that wide. I left the length reeeeeeaaaally long so I could cut it and hem it later to be the perfect length.

I stitched up the long sides of the jersey together and gathered the waist.  Then I attached the skirt to my striped shirt (which I had now cut off to be shorter.) Make sure you use a stretch stitch when sewing with knits or you won't be able to stretch it.  And that, my friend, does not make for a comfortable dress...or anything for that matter.

Anyway, after I attached the skirt, I decided it needed a little more.  So I added a sash. The sash is mostly attached but can be adjusted a little (it's not totally straight in the pictures...grrr). 

Then I decided it needed even more still.  So I added ruffly flowers. Everything is better with ruffly flowers. 

There. Better. Did I mention I want to live in this dress?
Oh. And I think it's time for a haircut. Ponytails everyday? Yup.

Happy sewing!


Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

I think the dress turned out the colors and the flowers! And, if I could look half as gorgeous as you in a ponytail, I would wear them everyday also!

Lil said...

Love your dress and love your blog! You are so creative!!!