Friday, February 8, 2013

Heart Doily Shirt

It's been quite awhile since my last post. Heaven knows I've been busy. It hasn't all been bon bons and soap operas (not that I watch those anyway.) Besides my family, most of my time has been spent fixing up our first home! It's been wonderful to be able to take on projects we couldn't in a rental. I love being able to choose paint colors, fixtures, lighting ... whatever! I'm sure as time goes on, I will be filling up this blog with a lot of my DIY projects and "before and afters"!

But for today, let's talk Valentines. About a year ago I was stalking Dana over at MADE (surprise, surprise!) I just love her style. Her home is gorgeous. Her kids are adorable. And she comes up with the cutest ideas. Well, while searching for a cute shirt I could DIY for my daughter for Valentine's Day, I came across her post for the doily heart shirt. It was adorable! And super easy.

First, gather everything you need.

-old t-shirt or scrap piece of jersey knit (for painting on the stencil)
-piece of cardboard to go under your stenciled fabric
-white fabric paint
-paint brush
-paper heart doily
-glue stick
-new t-shirt
-sewing machine

Then apply glue to the back of the doily and position it onto your old t-shirt or scrap piece of jersery knit fabric.

This next part takes a little time. When you're painting don't just glob it on. And make sure you fill in every little hole on that doily!

To help the drying process you can use a hair dryer.

Once it's good and dry carefully peel off the doily. You may have little pieces that stick here and there. Just peel them off as best you can. I'm sure anything you miss will wash off in the laundry. Make sure you heat set your newly painted heart. Just follow the directions on your bottle of fabric paint to do that.

Now decide where you want to position the heart on your new shirt. Then pin and sew around both the outside and the inside of the heart.

I wanted to try something a little different so I very (VERY) carefully cut out the center of the heart also. I like the pop of pink in the middle. :)

And that's it! Now you have an adorable new shirt for Valentine's Day! This could be done in several color combinations and be so cute! I'm dying to try it out in something a little more ... NEON!
Happy sewing!


Unknown said...

I found your blog a few months ago and I am so happy you are still around. I can't wait to see some more crafts!

Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

So cute! It's nice to see that cub scouts and cowboys aren't the only thing on your creative mind!

Katalina Jewelry said...

Super cute Kim!